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Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku 夏の恋は虹色に輝く– Release July 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Kusunoki Taiga (Matsumoto Jun) 松本潤 is the second child of a famous actor in Japan. His dream since a child is to become a famous actor just like his father. Right after graduated from college, he begins his acting career with the help of his father. Although he managed to appear in variety shows but he never did landed in any leading role neither in drama nor movie. While spending most of his free time skydiving, he met a girl name Kitamura Shiori (Takeuchi Yuko) 竹内結子, a beautiful cheerful girl who captures his heart instantly.
Feelings and comments:
This is another romantic drama with lots of comedy within. Honestly this is the type of drama I like best. It’s really heart comforting with jokes all around. The story is very simple but the way that it kept the profile and details of each character until the very last minute triggers everybody’s curiosity. I just get a feeling that says “If you want to know more about this character, then stay tune.” But the biggest catch in this drama is Kitamura Shiori (Takeuchi Yuko) 竹内結子. There isn’t much information reveal in the first episode but her action, personality and the child did create enough curiosity to capture viewers’ interest. Once you continue to watch the drama, the interaction between Kusunoki Taiga (Matsumoto Jun) 松本潤 and Kitamura Shiori (Takeuchi Yuko) 竹内結子 will become the main entertainment.

Things that caught my eyes:
The famous quote which Kusunoki Taiga (Matsumoto Jun) 松本潤’ s father speaks a lot kept my mind busy for some time. The quote is about life and I like the last couple of words “Happy, Happy”.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. A simple love story about a young man struggling to build his acting career meets a cheerful girl who is a loyal fan of his father. The story is simple but it’s the chemistry between the couple forms the best scene in this drama.

2010 Japanese Drama : Natsu No Koi Wa Nijiiro Ni Kagayaku w/ English Subtitle, NATSU NO KOI WA NIJIIRO NI KAGAYAKU OST,Original Soundtrack

Drama Theme Song: Love Rainbow by Arashi

Drama Insert Song: Please Stay With Me by YUI

Japan Drama Preview:

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