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Tokujo Kabachi!! 特上カバチ!! – Release Jan 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Tamura Katsuhiro (Sakurai Sho) 櫻井翔 works as a legal assistance whose job is to prepare legal documents. As he is still an intern with a warm helpful heart, people around always come to him for legal advices. Although he is not be a lawyer but his preparation for the legal assistance entrance examination is sufficient enough for him to handle simple legal issues. While he was handling a legal case for his neighbor, he met Sumiyoshi Misuzu (Horikita Maki) 堀北真希 who will do anything to win the case for her client. She too works as a legal assistance, but already a licensed and expert in the field. Both of them always have different opinion and point of views but eventually they make a good team.

Feelings and comments:
When it comes of legal issues, those who don’t have any knowledge about the laws and rules always ends up as victims. You don’t need to know the legal system, but you definitely need to know who to look for if you need help. This drama presented a lot of good legal examples which related to our daily life. Some of the cases are divorce, personal debt, property, inheritance and many more. Most important of all, you get to know your basic rights as a consumer, citizen and human being.
    I suppose all the cartoon sketch makes it fun and interesting to watch even though the drama is about legal rights and legal issues. But still the drama shows that it’s difficult to make everybody happy because the legal system cannot solve everything. This drama shows it all by bring in two characters who deals with problems in two different ways. Depending on the solution, the quality of life for a person can be affected.

Things that caught my eyes:
The quiz method of explaining the legal issue makes it fun, simple and easy to understand. There are lots of legal issues discussed in this drama which related to our daily life. Most of the legal cases involve money.

Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. There are lots of legal issues in this drama which we can learn. At some point it can be boring but the drama uses a different approach to make it entertaining. It is still an enjoyable drama as the couple is very good in acting.

Tokujo Kabachi!!, Original Soundtrack

Drama Theme Song: Troublemaker by Arashi

Japan Drama Preview:

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