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Gold – Release July 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Saotome Yuri (Amami Yuki) 天海祐希 is a successful career woman who owns businesses involves sports and beautician. She is also a well known icon who often appears on mass media influencing the life style of many people. Saotome Yuri (Amami Yuki) 天海祐希 has four children and three of them have the athletic ability to win gold medal in Olympic. The father of the children is a wrestling gold medalist winner but has been staying separated from the family. The children have inherited the ability of a gold medalist champion and Saotome Yuri (Amami Yuki) 天海祐希 has intended to raise them as champions. It has been the intention or mission of Saotome Yuri (Amami Yuki) 天海祐希 to fulfill the dream of her brother to reach for gold but who died in an accident. She has trained and prepared her children well as potential gold medalist winner but she has not been successful in playing the role of a mother.

Feelings and comments:
The first impression given from the first episode is enough to convince me to finish the whole series. There are at least 3 of my favorite actors in the drama and each of them has strong personality, characteristic and important role in the drama. The story is not so special or unique but it does create a stage or platform for the actors to perform and shows their strong characteristic.
    This drama really motivates people with lots of information on career building, entrepreneurship, achieving the best and fighting to reach our goals. You’ll get lots of guide from Saotome Yuri (Amami Yuki) 天海祐希 on what it takes to become a successful career woman and the so call mother. Although lots of her methods on managing her family and the role of a mother is a bit extreme and practical but still she faces lots of problems which normal family has. There is an opposite mother figure in the drama which you can compare and see the differences.
    In this drama we can see a strong side of a career woman and a soft side of family mother. That means the main focus of this drama will be on Saotome Yuri (Amami Yuki) 天海祐希.
Things that caught my eyes:
I suppose the interaction between Secretary Nikura Rika (Nagasawa Masami) 長澤まさみ and Saotome Yuri (Amami Yuki) 天海祐希 is the most interesting and attractive part within this drama. Especially when the Secretary successfully gets to her boss, that’s a relieve feeling.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. The strong talented casts are enough to keep me watching this drama till the end. Although the story of the drama is simple but the interaction between the characters stand out unique.

2010 Japanese Drama : Gold w/ English Subtitle, Original Soundtrack

Drama Theme Song: Wildflower by SUPERFLY

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