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ROMES空港防御システム – Release Oct 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Narushima Yuya (Okura Tadayoshi) 大倉忠義 is the creator of ROMES or top security system for Tokyo Bay International Airport. One day he was summon back to stand by and monitor his creation due to a criminal threat. An international thief organization call Silverfox send out a letter of challenge to the airport for a forecast of stealing the “Goddess of Temptation”. The golden statue “Goddess of Temptation” is a special exhibition organize to celebrate the first anniversary of the launched of new international airport. As soon as Narushima Yuya (Okura Tadayoshi) 大倉忠義 arrive at the airport, the atmosphere around the airport begans to tense up with incidents and excitement.

Feelings and comments:
Basically this drama is about the high tech security system with a group of criminal organization trying to challenge and take down the security.  That means we have a group of people trying to defend and protect using the security system and we have another group trying to attack and bring down the system. Through this drama we also learn and understand how security system should work and implement. There is a comparison between security carry out by sophisticated high tech facilities and security carry out by human sense of alert and intelligent. At the end, it’s the combination of both works best.
Other than the main character Narushima Yuya (Okura Tadayoshi) 大倉忠義, the main focus in this drama will be ROMES and the criminal cases happens in the airport. Although the drama has a talented sidekick female security Aasaka Aoi (Kuninaka Ryoko) 国仲涼子, it still doesn’t bring much excitement.

Things that caught my eyes:
It’s all about the cats and dogs between high tech security system and the alert driven by human security. There is also some interesting occupation and security hired personal within this drama. Sometimes I just question the responsibility of the hired position whether it is necessary or not.

Japan Drama Rating:
Interesting to watch. Although this drama is fictional, it gives us an idea of how airport security should work.

2009 Japanese Drama : Romes w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Mata Asa ga Kuru by TOKIO

Japan Drama Preview:

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