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Maison Ikkokuめぞん一刻– Release May 07

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:

Otonashi Kyoko (Ito Misaki) 伊東美咲 is the new manager of the rental house. Godai Yusaku (Nakabayashi Taiki) 中林大樹 is an all time drop out student that trying to get himself into the university. Godai Yusaku (Nakabayashi Taiki) 中林大樹 falls in love with Otonashi Kyoko (Ito Misaki) 伊東美咲 at first glance and wanted to be her boy friend. Due to his personal characteristic and intrusion of other house attendant, this has become a difficult task for him. Plus Otonashi Kyoko (Ito Misaki) 伊東美咲 is a widow, it makes thing more complicated. But still at the end they were able to become couple.

Feelings and comments:

A well written love story is always nice to read and watch. It doesn’t expired or disappear as time goes by. People will always remember a good love story. I read the manga version of this story before I watch this drama. So there isn’t much surprise to as I already knew the outcome. This comment is pretty much influence by the manga version but anyway I’ll just speak what’s in my mind.

This is a simple love story but there is a lot of misunderstanding between the two lovers that makes this story special. That’s the best part of this drama. If you can’t speak up honestly and straight to the point, people might receive info differently. If you love someone, you have to tell them and make sure that they understand it. If not you might waste a lot of time going around circles. That’s what makes love special and that creates what we call romance. Never the less it also creates a lot of stupid but fun occasion that we remembered the rest of our life.

Things that caught my eyes:

One of the actress name (Takahashi Yumiko) 高橋由美子 is almost the same as manga creator of this drama (Rumiko Takahashi) 高橋 留美. The only difference is the middle character. It almost makes me think that the manga creator will appeared as special cast.

Japan Drama Rating:

Fan of Itoh Misaki 伊東美咲 should not miss this. It’s a comedy love story that fun to watch.


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