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Binbo Danshi 貧乏男子 – Release Jan 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!
Japan Drama Story:
Koyama Kazumi (Oguri Shun) 小栗旬 is a university student that almost graduated and ready to enter the society to work. He joins a lot of clubs in the university and has a lot of friends. The problem with him is that he spends a lot of money entertaining his friends. He manages to get a job right before he graduated. Life seems to be pretty good for him until his bank terminates his card. He then realized that he is in debt of 1 million yen with the bank. That’s when he met 2 other people that have the same debt issue like him. They are Hikita Shuzo (Yashima Norito) 八嶋智人 and Nakahara Mimi (Yamada Yu) 山田優. They introduce him to Omuomu (Yusuke Santamaria) ユースケサンタマリア where he can get special loan to pay his debt. This is where the story gets interesting as Koyama Kazumi (Oguri Shun) 小栗旬 and Omuomu (Yusuke Santamaria) ユースケサンタマリアhas a totally different understanding towards the importance of money.
Feelings and comments:
Almost everybody have debts or money problem. It’s always the question of how many your debts is and when can you settle your debts. When you have a large number of debts, it’s difficult to put up a smiling face. It’s a kind of pressure not everybody can handle nicely. It would be wonderful if we could be just like Koyama Kazumi (Oguri Shun) 小栗旬 as he handles everything with a smiling face. Plus money is not the most important thing in his mind. That makes it less pressure for him. Unfortunately I don’t there isn’t many people like him in this world.
There is one thing that I realize from this drama is that universities does not teach you how to manage your money. Most of us learn it the hard way by getting lots of credit cards, car loan, housing loan and study loan. We always end up learning how to get out of debt instead of avoiding.
Things that caught my eyes:
Self service laundry shop can be a good place to hang out. You can do your laundry while having a little chit chat with friends. Best of all it doesn’t cost you any money.
Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. Oguri Shun (小栗旬) acting improves a lot. He’s not just a handsome actor that can only post any more.
Japan Drama Preview:

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