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Tsuki no Koibito月の恋人 – Release May 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Hazuki Rensuke (Kimura Takuya) 木村拓哉 is the president of a furniture company call Regolith. His vision is to supply furniture to every corner in the world under the name of Regolith. As his company launches the first outlet and factory in Shanghai China, Hazuki Rensuke (Kimura Takuya) 木村拓哉 met a poor factor worker name Liu Xiu Mei (Lin Chi Ling) 林志玲 and instantly falls in love with her. Hazuki Rensuke (Kimura Takuya) 木村拓哉 brought her back to Japan and trained her to be the company model. Besides Liu Xiu Mei (Lin Chi Ling) 林志玲 there are two other women that falls in love with Hazuki Rensuke (Kimura Takuya) 木村拓哉, Onuki Yuzuki (Kitagawa Keiko) 北川景子, the daughter of his rival company and Ninomiya Maemi (Shinohara Ryoko) 篠原涼子, the top furniture designer. As Hazuki Rensuke (Kimura Takuya) 木村拓哉 strive to expand his company in the competitive market, he faces lots of obstacles not just from his rival company but also his own employees. The success and falls of Hazuki Rensuke (Kimura Takuya) 木村拓哉 are related very much to the 3 women who love him. At the end who will Hazuki Rensuke (Kimura Takuya) 木村拓哉 choose for his partner of life?

Feelings and comments:
I have to admit the biggest attraction of this drama is to watch Lin Chi Ling (林志玲) interacts with other Japanese actors especially Kimura Takuya (木村拓哉). Perhaps all the other main actors are too talented and thus it magnifies the lack of acting experience within Lin Chi Ling (林志玲). Hopefully we can see more of Lin Chi Ling (林志玲) in the coming Japanese drama.
    The drama looks pretty good from all aspect but still it doesn’t feel good enough. Perhaps we have high hope that this drama can bring out a very romantic feeling but instead it shows more reality pressure and struggling to overcome obstacles.  I think with the same group of actors and production stuff but with a different story and script, this drama can be a hit. This also proves that if you use the best ingredients to produce a drama, it might not turn out as good as we expected.

Things that caught my eyes:
No doubt Liu Xiu Mei (Lin Chi Ling) 林志玲 is the focus in this drama. This is her first debut in Japan Drama. Although her acting performance still needs lots of improvement but we can see that she’s giving her best shot, especially at the beginning of the drama where she is able to put aside her beauty image for acting.

Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to Watch. This drama has great actors, great scene, great car, great song and great music but unfortunately lack of a great story line or script. I just felt a bit disappointed as this drama can be better.

2010 Japanese Drama : Moon Lovers (Tsuki No Koibito) w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: LOVE RAIN ~ Koi no Ame ~ by Kubota Toshinobu

Japan Drama Preview:

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