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Chaseチェイス – Release April 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Haruma Sosuke (Eguchi Yosuke) 江口洋介 is a government agent for the National Tax Agency Bureau. His job is to investigate businesses or individuals who evades or falsely report taxes. One day a plane crash incident which causes the death of his wife changes his life. Haruma Sosuke (Eguchi Yosuke) 江口洋介 has to reduces his work load to take care of his daughter. In the other hand, several cases which Haruma Sosuke (Eguchi Yosuke) 江口洋介 used to handle reveals a connection towards the plane crash accident and the death of his wife. As Haruma Sosuke (Eguchi Yosuke) 江口洋介 started to investigate deeper, he found out a professional tax evades name Shuji Murakumo (Arata) 井浦新 who is behind several complicated tax evade plans. These plans involves international taxation are part of a huge deceive plan which links to the death of his wife.

Feelings and comments:
There are two things that make this drama interesting. First is the taxation law around the world and methods to evade tax. You may discover that taxation is a big topic which not just involves income taxes but also business taxes and international export/import taxes. It is fascinating to discover that in some countries there are no income taxes, and in some countries there is no inheritance tax.
    Second is the outstanding acting performance of Shuji Murakumo (Arata) 井浦新. He actually creates a very deep impression and mysterious aura which draws attention and curiosity of viewers. Haruma Sosuke (Eguchi Yosuke) 江口洋介 still is as good as always but Shuji Murakumo (Arata) 井浦新 turns out extraordinary in this drama.
    It’s a large amount of money as one has to pay inheritance tax of up to 50% of property. I won’t be surprise if people will take all necessary steps to reduce or evade the tax. Even normal salary man will try to pay as little tax as possible when filling income tax. So do we have anybody who is happy to pay their taxes?

Things that caught my eyes:
It’s interesting to know the differences of taxation laws in other countries. Especially for the case of inheritance tax, I beginning to understand why some people love to travel, buy a yachts and give birth in other country.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. This is an incredible crime story from a different way of approach.

2010 Japanese Drama : CHASE (Kokuzei Sasatsukan) w/ Eng

Drama Theme Song: 退行by Naruyoshi Kikuchi

Japan Drama Preview:
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