Sunday, June 8, 2008

1 Pound no Fukuin 1ポンドの福音 – Release Jan 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!
Japan Drama Story:
Hatanaka Kosaku (Kamenashi Kazuya) 亀梨和也 is a talented boxer. His couch and club has high hope on him as he has the punch to become a champion. Unfortunately he has one problem that drags him in his career. He always lost control on his diet because he loves to eat. Whenever he lost control on his appetite, he lost the boxer weight qualification. One day he met sister Angela (Kuroki Meisa) 黒木メイサand things started to become better. Her encouragement and advices help Hatanaka Kosaku through trainings and winning the fights. That is mainly because Hatanaka Kosaku has a crush on Sister Angela.
Feelings and comments:
Having a nun in the world of boxing is unusual and that’s where the fun begins. This drama is actually from a famous manga. You know how the story goes if you’ve seen the manga. The story is short and basically tells the life of a boxer. Being a boxer isn’t easy as you need to be strong physically and mentally. Few hours of fight in the rim requires months of hard training and diet control. The work to maintain qualification weight while training your punches is not easy. This drama really stresses out this point. This drama only has 9 episodes as the story at manga side is short either. The story is interesting at the beginning but gets bored as it go along. Honestly there are too many good dramas with boxing as main topic out there.
Things that caught my eyes:
Well, there are only 2 things that I’m interested in this drama. First is watching Hatanaka Kosaku (Kamenashi Kazuya) 亀梨和也work out and box in the rim. Second is the beautiful sister Angela (Kuroki Meisa) 黒木メイサgoing in and out of boxing gym.
Japan Drama Rating:
Fan of KAT-TUN should watch it. You get to watch (Kamenashi Kazuya) 亀梨和也 in shape as most of the time he just wears short pants.
Japan Drama Preview:

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