Friday, May 30, 2008

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko 結婚できない男 – Release Jul 06

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Japan Drama Story:

This is a drama about the life style of a 40 year old single architect - Kuwano Shinsuke (Abe Hiroshi) 阿部寛. He is a loner who knows how to enjoy life. He doesn’t go out and socialize much. He spends most of his time in his nice apartment that equips with audio sound system and a nice kitchen. He has a strange personality and dislike people. Even so, he is still able to understand his customer taste and design great architecture. Despite his strange personality and rude speeches, people around find him interesting as they always discussed how he thinks and who ever can withstand his characteristic.

Feelings and comments:

It’s a strange world we’re living and sure has a lot of strange people. Kuwano Shinsuke can be considered as geek. Just that he doesn’t relate to computers. It doesn’t matter what kind of life style you choose as long as you’re happy with it. Nowadays humans are able to live alone by without even stepping out of the house. All you need is a click on the internet and everything can be send to your door.

A person that acts strange, speaks rudely and has a unique kind of views does not make him a bad person. It takes time to fully understand a person. Sometimes it even takes years to finally get to know someone. It is better not to judge a person at first glance. If you really want to understand a person, just spend some time with him/her. Listen and witness carefully all the conversation and action he/she takes. All these will give you clues on what a person he/she is.

Abe Hiroshi( 阿部寛) really is good in this drama. I never thought a cool guy like him can act so well as the character Kuwano Shinsuke.

Things that caught my eyes:

You get to see Abe’s butt at the beginning of the series. That’s something the fans should not miss. The most enjoyable scene is when he’s having his dinner. From preparing his meal until finish having them is an art and looks really delicious.

Japan Drama Rating:

Fun to watch. Nicely elaborate how a single 40 year old man enjoys his life.


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Todd said...

I love kekkon dekinai otoko, Abe is the BOMB!