Friday, May 16, 2008

Honey and Clover ハチミツとクローバー – Release Jan 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!
Japan Drama Story:
This is a drama about the life of 5 art students. Each of them with their unique characteristics has their own story to tell. All of their stories are surrounded with topics like friendship, love and career. No matter how things changes and what problems they face and went through, 5 of them still hangs out together at the end of the day. That includes their complicated love relationship with each other. This group of friends are Hanamoto Hagumi (Narumi Riko) 成海璃子, Takemoto Yuta (Ikuta Toma) 生田斗真, Yamada Ayumi (Harada Natsuki) 原田夏希, Mayama Takumi (Mukai Osamu) 向井理 and Morita Shinobu (Narimiya Hiroki) 成宮寛貴.
Feelings and comments:
If you’re going to watch this drama because you’ve seen the anime version, then you’re going to regret it. The story line is pretty much the same as the anime version. Due to this it won’t be any surprises from the story. I’ve seen the anime version and that makes me compare this drama with it. Honestly the only thing that keeps me continues watching this drama is the good looking boys and girls. There are a lot of new faces in this drama as there is no main character in it. You can see some new talented actors and some that still needs improving. Well, it’s really hard for them to act as people will compare them with the anime version.
Things that caught my eyes:
As this is the story of a group of art students, you get to see some paintings, crafting and other art design. I just wonder if those pieces of arts are real.
Japan Drama Rating:
Fan of anime series Honey & Clover should skip it. Watch it if you haven’t heard of it and if you’re free.
Japan Drama Preview:

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