Thursday, May 8, 2008

SAITOU san 斉藤さん – Release Jan 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!
Japan Drama Story:
Saitou Masako (Mizuki Arisa) 観月ありさ is a mother of a child that never afraid to voice out anything that is not right and injustice. Her strong personality might seem heroic but her action was not accepted by others, especially the children’s mothers where they all attended the same kindergarten. They tried to keep a distance away from her because afraid that she might brings trouble due to her action. Saito san has been alone because of whom she is for quite some time. That changes after a new neighbor - Mano Wakaba (Mimura) ミムラ moves in. Both of them become friends and things started to become better.
Feelings and Comments:
Voice out what is right or keep quiet to keep out of trouble, that’s the main idea of this drama. Sometimes if we get involved too much than people will start to say “mind your own business”. People don’t really voice up certain things unless it is necessary or being push around. The thing is if everybody able to take care of their business nicely then there won’t be any complains. Sadly that might not be happening in this inperfect world. As long as there are people staying and living next to each other, there will be some conflicts. The question is how we work together without hitting on each other.
Things that caught my eyes:
The words that Saito san used to lecture others are simply well constructed. There is just no way to argue back.
Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. Good story line that nicely elaborate the life of mothers with their kids in kindergarten.
Japan Drama Preview:

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