Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Edison no Haha エジソンの母 – Release Jan 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!
Japan Drama Story:
A so call trouble maker boy was transferred to a school where Ayukawa Noriko (Ito Misaki) 伊東美咲 teaches. It has not been a good year for Ayukawa Noriko as her marriage was cancel and having a trouble maker boy in her class. No doubt that the boy did get the attention from teachers and families in the first day at school. Many suggested that the boy should be transferred as he is such a trouble maker, but there are some judged that he might be a genius. His curiosity and hunger for knowledge gets him into troubles most of the time. The great inventor Thomas Edison used to be like that when he was young. As people are debating if the boy is really a genius, Ayukawa Noriko has to deal with the trouble cause by the boy and the pressure from other children’s parents.
Feelings and Comments:
I think most of the parents hope their children are genius. Parents dream one day their children will be somebody great, famous and successful. That is why lots of parents started to educate their children seriously when they are young. Thus the word genius is sometimes added on to children that shows great results in academic. Some of the children that do not show interest in studies and always creates problems will normally catheterize as trouble maker. Actually nobody knows if they really are genius or not. You might be surprise to see some of the children turn out as a successful person after 20 years. It doesn’t matter if the child is a genius or not, as long as they are able to learn and live a good live then eventually they will turn out great. Genius or not it doesn’t matter as parents will always give the best to their children.
People started to call Thomas Edison a genius when he’s an adult. He was called as a problem or crazy child when he is young. So don’t try to figure it out if your child is a genius or not. Decide it after your child grows up to be an adult.
Things that caught my eyes:
It must be though for those kids to memorize the script. Lots of conversations are related to scientific theories.
Japan Drama Rating:
Fan of (Itoh Misaki 伊東美咲) will love it. This drama is suitable to watch for families with kids also.
Japan Drama Preview:

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