Sunday, April 6, 2008

Nurse Aoi Ns'あおい- Release Jan 06

No Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:

Misora Aoi (Ishihara Satomi) 石原さとみ was transferred from a well known hospital to a small local hospital after she violates the rules of being a nurse. She is actually a well trained nurse who works in the emergency room for 3 years. After her violation incident, the transferred also change her job responsibility from saving life to taking care of patients. Not only she has to adept to the new job responsibility and working environment, she needs to deal with the hospital politics, colleagues’ attitude and long working hours. Even so, she is able to get through all these with her warm caring heart that eventually influence the people around her.

Feelings and Comments:

We normally listen to people talk about how great doctors are. Some doctors are so famous that their names are well known around the world. As for nurses, even though they services are as important as doctors, we rarely heard about their greatness. Most of the time doctors are the one that collects it all. “Thank you doctor” speaks more than “Thank you nurse”. This drama does speak up for all the nurses in the world. It makes the audience realize the work of a nurse is equally important and difficult that what people think of. Compare to doctors, nurses are the people that are much closer with the patients. They are the ones that connect the patients with doctors. They act as the eyes and ears for doctors to treat hundreds of patient at once.

Things that caught my eyes:

It must be difficult for Ishihara Satomi (石原さとみ) to ride the bicycle in the drama. Her height might be giving her some difficulties on riding the bicycle. Check out the height between her and the bicycle.

Japan Drama Rating:

Nice to watch. The story line is simple but well explains the life of a nurse.


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