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Bara no nai Hanaya 薔薇のない花屋 – Release Jan 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!
Japan Drama Story:
Once there is a small flower shop situated near the railroad that does not sell roses. Whenever the train passes by the shop will shake just like an earth quake. Even so it’s a warm and comfortable home to a father and daughter. Shiomi Eiji (Katori Shingo) 香取慎吾is the owner of the shop and father of Shiomi Shizuku (Yagi Yuki) 八木優希. Ever since Shizuku’s mother passes away giving birth to Shizuku, Shiomi Eiji has been working hard to raise Shiomi Shizuku. After working hard for several years, he then earns enough money to open up a small flower shop. Strangely the shop does not sell roses.
One day a blind beautiful woman - Shirato Mio (Takeuchi Yuko) 竹内結子stood in the rain next to his shop. Shiomi Eiji invited her into the shop and offered her a cup of hot coco. This starts the first chapter of a romantic journey between these two people. Or perhaps an unpredictable journey that no one has ever thought of.
Why does the flower shop does not sell roses? There is actually a big secret behind it.
Feelings and Comments:
It’s been a long time since I saw a good romantic drama. This is one unusual romantic story that is different from most of the love story. The story line of this drama is able to balance up several different type of love into one. Perhaps it is better to say that this drama is about all the love that we know. If you think that you understand what love is, then watch this drama and tell me about it. What is love any way? You’ll get the answer when you figure out why the flower shop does not sell roses.
Shiomi Eiji can be considered as an endanger species. I don’t see many good guys like him nor shall I say never. People are selfish. Not many are as generous as Shiomi Eiji to be able to take care of everybody around him. Most of us want to be a good generous person but just unable to handle that much. Sometimes we are afraid to give a hand because worried with one hand we are unable to hold on to our own things, afraid that we might drop what we already have.
Things that caught my eyes:
The street with a flower shop, a coffee house in front and a park beside it is just looks like a good place to hang out.
Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching it. It is a beautiful romantic story that rarely comes by.
Japan Drama Preview:

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