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Kurosagi クロサギ – Release April 06

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!
Japan Drama Story:
Kurosagi (Yamashita Tomohisa) 山下智久is a professional who con or deceive others for money. He does not pick normal civilians as his target. He only looks for people who con or deceive, which are people with same profession as him. In other words, Kurosagi helps victims to get back their money. Kurosagi swear to get rid of all those who con or deceive because his family was destroy by them. It’s a sad lonely path that he took to revenge his family. One day Yoshikawa Tsurara (Horikita Maki) 堀北真希comes into his life and things started to change. Yoshikawa Tsurara is a law student who has a strong sense of justice and respect towards the law. Both of them have different life style and different point of views towards crime and law. Faith brought them together as to see if either of them is right about justice.
Feelings and comments:
This world is full of lies, deceive, tragedy and unfair rules. It’s not a perfect world but we try our best to make it better. Even so there are things that we can’t do or beyond our reach. This drama is about deceive and examples of how people are trick. Most of the time victims are helpless and all they can do is make a report and try not to fall for it again. The money lost most probably is unable to retrieve. It would be nice to have such a profession like Kurosagi in the real world to help victims get back the money they lost. This drama is just like a typical superhero that steals from the rich and gives to the poor. It’s a fictional story that comforts most as people who deceived or lies are being punished by their own method.
The two main casts (Yamashita Tomohisa) 山下智久 and (Horikita Maki) 堀北真希 did a great job in this drama. Fans should not miss this series.
Things that caught my eyes:
The VIP room in the restaurant is nice. There is a mirror that allows you to see through it and monitor the outside dinning without people noticing. Another interesting place is Kurosaki’s room. It’s full with books, tools, equipment and clothes. It looks more like a secret hideout.
Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching it. Good story line with strong cast. This drama also gives you an idea on how others deceive for money. It may help you to avoid those traps and not fall for it.
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