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Unubore Dekaうぬぼれ刑事 – Release July 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!
Japan Drama Story:
Unubore(Nagase Tomoya)長瀬智也 is a talented police detective but never did get promoted to higher rank. There hasn’t been any improvement in his career because he always falls in love with ladies around him including criminal suspect. Although he always prioritizes his love life and flirting with females while investigating cases, he still able to solve cases and capture the criminal. His closings are a bit unusual, shinning, romantic and funny. Plus most of the ladies he falls in love eventually turn out to be criminals. Thus he always presented a choice for the ladies to either marry him or arrested by him.

Feelings and comments:
Honestly, I think the whole drama is a joke. Well, I meant almost every single moment in the drama is fills with jokes and humor. The problem is that most of time the plots aren’t really that funny. I suppose the words over exaggerate can be best describe this drama. Although this is a comedy drama, but still the crimes illustrated are reasonable. Throughout the entire drama, Unubore(Nagase Tomoya)長瀬智也 acting and facial expression really stands out a lot compare to other actors. He actually did remind me of the popular actor Jim Carrey. The drama has a strong list of guest stars and some of them are actually very popular. Unfortunately it is still unable to increase much point for the drama. I think the effects can better if this is a serious criminal investigation drama as some of the guest stars are not comedian.

Things that caught my eyes:
The white suit which Unubore(Nagase Tomoya)長瀬智也 puts on when creaking the case really stands out. The drama also invites lots of popular actors as their guest stars.

Japan Drama Rating:
Fun to watch. No doubt this is an investigation detective drama, but the script is specially written to focus on crazy hilarious jokes and humor.

2010 Japanese Drama: Conceited Detective w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: NaNaNa (Taiyou nante Irane) TOKIO
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Drama Insert Song: Ichiban Kirei na Watashi o by Nakashima Mika

Japan Drama Preview:

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