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Dosokai同窓会 – Release April 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Miyazawa Tomomi (Kuroki Hitomi) 黒木瞳 just move to a smaller house due to financial problem as her husband lost his job for about a year. Life has been difficult for Miyazawa Tomomi (Kuroki Hitomi) 黒木瞳 lately so she decided to attend her class reunion party to cheer herself up. It has been around 30 years since she graduated from the school which soon to be united and combine with other school. At the party she reunite with her old friends Sugiyama Kosuke (Takahashi Katsunori) 高橋克典, Nishikawa Yoko (Saito Yuki) 斉藤由貴, Okubo Shinichi (Mikami Hiroshi) 三上博史 and many more. They have a good time catching up with the old times even though they are going through difficulties. Everything seems normal that night as they went back home separately. The next day morning Miyazawa Tomomi (Kuroki Hitomi) 黒木瞳 was told two of her friends did not went home but has run away from home as lovers. She was shock as why people can just leave everything behind without considering the consequences.

Feelings and comments:
This drama is about love. A group of friends and classmates are trying to recall the feeling of love which they experienced back in high school. Love is essential at any time, any age. Even if at middle age, people are still hunger for love. Just that as we live through half of our life, any decision we make are crucial because we have too many things on our shoulder. We cannot simply just follow our heart and pursuit for love without thinking about consequences.
The relationship and love in this drama is complex but yet simple. As this is not love in first sight drama, it takes time to interpret the relationship between characters. I suppose the acting ability of the actors has successfully brought out the complicated feelings among each other. 

Things that caught my eyes:
No doubt these actors look very much younger than their age. I suppose makeups and skin care products play a significant role in preserving their youth.

Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. Although there aren’t any leading young actors in this drama but the performance of these matured actors are brilliant. Love stories are always interesting and fascinating regardless of any ages.

2010 Japanese Drama: Dosokai (Love Again Shokogun) w/Eng

Drama Theme Song: ex-lover by Sakai Ayumi
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