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Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji救命病棟24時 season 4– Release Aug 09


Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Shindo Issei (Eguchi Yosuke) 江口洋介 returns from Africa to help rebuilt emergency room section of Kainan Medical center. All the doctors from the emergency room section resigned at the same time because they were unable to cope with the overload work volume, high stress and long working hours. Shindo Issei (Eguchi Yosuke) 江口洋介 together with Kojima Kaede (Matsushima Nanako) 松嶋菜々子 and other new doctors were brought together to rebuilt the emergency room section. Despite their effort to get doctors to work at emergency room, problems that cause previous doctors resign still remains.

Feelings and comments:
It’s good to see Matsushima Nanako (松嶋菜々子) back in action. After taking a break for such a long time, she still hasn’t lost her touch in acting. She even won herself the best actress award with this drama. I’m sure we’ll see more of her in the coming drama.
Doctors are human too. They make mistakes and they need rest. Most important of all they need the support from the government and everybody else. In order to build a good medical center, cooperation from each party is necessary. There is no perfect solution, this is only best solution. No doubt doctors are not allowed to make mistakes, that’s because it’s human life that they are dealing with. That is why there are strict rules and procedures.

Things that caught my eyes:
As this is the fourth season of this drama, the new and young casts Kamoi Chinatsu (Kitano Kii) 北乃きい and Kudo Ryosuke (Ishida Takuya) 石田卓也 are the main focus. The interaction and chemistry between the new and old cast brings in new flavors into the drama.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. This drama is still as exciting as before even after 3 seasons. It’s a short drama this time but it’s enough to produce a satisfactory view.

Original soundtrack

Drama Theme Song: Sono Saki e by Dreams Come True feat. FUZZY CONTROL

Japan Drama Preview:

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