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Maid Dekaメイド刑事 – Release Jun 09


Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Wakatsuki Aoi (Fukuda Saki) 福田沙紀 works as a maid in Kaido family. Before that Wakatsuki Aoi (Fukuda Saki) 福田沙紀 was a bike gangster. She was than persuade by Kaido Toshiaki (Harada Ryuji) 原田龍二 to work with him and make her into an undercover detective maid. Her task is to clean up all the dirty crime and put away criminals for good.

Feelings and comments:
Seriously this drama is about maid, it’s about Fukuda Saki (福田沙紀) dress up as maid. The detective case is not so interesting. That goes the same as the fighting part. So what’s left is just the jokes and the maid costume. No doubt there is a special mop weapon but honestly it’s nothing but just a weapon of stick. Again this is a typical action detective drama where there is a super undercover maid detective that is able to solve the crime in each episode. And also the police always arrive late, after all criminals are defeated.

Things that caught my eyes:
The solid heavy metals mop that Wakatsuki Aoi (Fukuda Saki) 福田沙紀 used is all around. Plus it’s tinted with gold. Which it is supposed to be special but it’s not. Oh yes, Wakatsuki Aoi (Fukuda Saki) 福田沙紀 can even transform to maid costumer at any time. Just like the Kamen Rider.

Japan Drama Rating:
Fan of Fukuda Saki (福田沙紀) should watch. This is just another so call detective drama. Just that it’s a bit funny as having a maid as a detective. By the way, it’s mainly about the maid not about the detective case.

2009 Japanese Drama : Maid Deka w/ Eng Sub, Maid Deka Detective Japanese Tv Drama Dvd Ntsc All Region with English Sub 3 Dvd in Digipak Boxset

Drama Theme Song: Muteki na Ai by Jyongri

Japan Drama Preview:


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