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JIN-仁- – Release Oct 09


Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Minakata Jin (Osawa Takao) 大沢たかお is a brain surgeon that lost confidence after performing an unsuccessful operation on his lover. As a result his lover goes into coma and did not wake up. One day after performing an operation and rescue a mysterious guy, he was sent back in time back to Japan Edo period.  The first thing Minakata Jin (Osawa Takao) 大沢たかおdid was perform a simple surgery to rescue a samurai name Tachibana Kyotaro (Koide Keisuke) 小出恵介. In return Minakata Jin (Osawa Takao) 大沢たかお was able to stay at his house while figure out what to do. At the end the only thing that Minakata Jin (Osawa Takao) 大沢たかお was able to do is to continue saving life with his medical knowledge. As Tachibana Saki (Ayase Haruka) 綾瀬はるかor Kyotaro’s sister shows interest in medical field, she helps and becomes Minakata Jin (Osawa Takao) 大沢たかお assistance. At the meantime Minakata Jin (Osawa Takao) 大沢たかお keeps on searching for the way to return to present world.

Feelings and comments:
I think this is the first time that I watch a jidaigeki drama or a historical drama. This drama really brings back the Edo period where the famous Sakamoto Ryoma (Uchino Masaaki) 内野聖陽 existed. I think the best part of the drama is watching Tomonaga Nokaze (Nakatani Miki) 中谷美紀. Her acting of being the highest ranked courtesan really is awesome. Her every movement, conversation, costumes and facial expression is state of the art. Another attraction is Tachibana Saki (Ayase Haruka) 綾瀬はるか dress. It’s always very delicate and beautiful. Finally the drama is able to produce streets that resemble the old Edo period. That’s just really historical and attractive.
    Time travel back to time is always interesting. There are lots of possibilities and the story is unpredictable. There is couple of things that makes me think. Minakata Jin (Osawa Takao) 大沢たかお always worries and concern about the future that he might change. The fact that he is back in time and every action that he did might affect the future that he knows. It’s something like the butterfly effect, meaning even a small action can create a big effect in future. Is it really true? Is a small butterfly or even a human being can change the course of history? I suppose we are not that significant.
    Another thing about Minakata Jin (Osawa Takao) 大沢たかお is that he doesn’t have any desire. Given the fact that he’s from the future and did not hope to live in Edo period, it’s just the same as denying his existence. A person without any desire is lifeless. It might sound a bit ironic, but desire makes us fight to live on and feels alive.

Things that caught my eyes:
The tumor from the patient’s head that looks like a child infant really is creepy, especially when the infant opens up the eye. That part should have modified.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. It’s been a while that I did not watch such an exciting drama. The idea of time travel is not a new thing but the story is most definitely interesting.

2009 Japanese Drama : Jin w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Aitakute Ima by MISIA

Japan Drama Preview:

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