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Ohitorisamaおひとりさま – Release Oct 09


Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Akiyama Satomi (Mizuki Alisa) 観月ありさ is a single 33 year old teacher who enjoys living alone. She is able to entertain and occupied herself with activities, workout and learning courses. At work Akiyama Satomi (Mizuki Alisa) 観月ありさ is a good teacher who is able to handle things responsibly and effectively. In other words, Akiyama Satomi (Mizuki Alisa) 観月ありさ is an independent successful woman. One day Kamisaka Shinichi (Koike Teppei) 小池徹平 who is 10 years younger than Akiyama Satomi (Mizuki Alisa) 観月ありさ is hired as a temporary teacher. Akiyama Satomi (Mizuki Alisa) 観月ありさ is assign to become his instructor to guide him on teaching and things around school.  Kamisaka Shinichi (Koike Teppei) 小池徹平 has no money, no place to stay, do not look like a teacher and does not seems to be a dependable man either. Still Akiyama Satomi (Mizuki Alisa) 観月ありさ and Kamisaka Shinichi (Koike Teppei) 小池徹平 seems to bumps in each other either during work or off work. Perhaps they might be right for each other…

Feelings and comments:
Akiyama Satomi (Mizuki Alisa) 観月ありさ and Kamisaka Shinichi (Koike Teppei) 小池徹平 really doesn’t seems like a couple, which makes this drama interesting.  A boy friend that is 10 years younger, not many couple can really get along. Still there is always possibility.
I’m sure there are lots of teacher just like Kamisaka Shinichi (Koike Teppei) 小池徹平. A teacher that doesn’t look or act like a teacher. I suppose it will be difficult for that person to do his/her job as they might not be able to control the students. This type of teacher might be able to get close to students but when it comes to teaching, might be having a hard time doing it.
When it comes to being single, who can survive better? Man or woman? I suppose that depends on individual on how they look at “The Lone Ranger” life.

Things that caught my eyes:
The most interesting part in this drama is the first few minutes of each episode. The so call how a single woman can spend their time and money happily doing things alone. It looks enjoyable but…

Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. Mizuki Alisa (観月ありさ) seems not so suitable acting in comedy. She just looks too serious. Abe Hiroshi (阿部寛) looks way funnier in similar drama Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (結婚できない男).

2009 Japanese Drama : Ohitorisama w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Koe wo Kikasete by BIGBANG

Japan Drama Preview:

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