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Karei naru Spy華麗なるスパイ– Release July 09


Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Yoroi Kyosuke (Nagase Tomoya) 長瀬智也 used to be a swindler who cons people for their money. He was later captured and found guilty of 13 felonies. One day Japan government approached Yoroi Kyosuke (Nagase Tomoya) 長瀬智也 and offers him a deal of eliminating all his felonies if he works as a spy for the government. His job is to protect Japan from the threats of terrorist. Using his imitation ability, he started to work with government top secret agents. His partner Dorothy (Fukada Kyoko) 深田恭子 is one of the elite international spy. Together they stop the attacks of terrorist against Japan.

Feelings and comments:
No doubt Nagase Tomoya (長瀬智也) is funny. The problem with this drama is that the title and story line are too dull. Some of the jokes are very cold too. Still this drama is able to squeeze some laughing face out from you. Another attraction is Fukada Kyoko (深田恭子) with her sexy outfits. Just calculate how many cloths and costumes that she wears throughout the entire drama and you’ll be surprise.
    We often listen or watch news about terrorist incident happens around the world. The only thing that I can feel about it is fear. I suppose the threats of terrorist are no difference than natural disasters.

Things that caught my eyes:
The cross necklaces around Yoroi Kyosuke (Nagase Tomoya) 長瀬智也 really bugs me. He has to grab the cross before using his imitation ability. That just looks almost the same like the transformation of Kamen rider.

Japan Drama Rating:
Fun to watch. Nagase Tomoya (長瀬智也) is very good at comedy drama. His reaction always gives me a good laugh.

Original Soundtrack, 2009 Japanese Drama : Karei Naru Spy w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Taiyo to Sabaku no Bara by TOKIO

Japan Drama Preview:


Mr. Smith said...

Nice Review on Kare Naru Spy. I felt that despite its sometimes cheesy atmosphere it was really fun to watch and had a nice story. I noticed your blog has mostly newer dramas. I'm curious to see what you would think of some older dramas, around the late 1990's, early 2000's. Fukada Kyoko's best dramas were all around that time.

kumowai said...

That's actually about the time I start watching Japanese drama. I have to say most of the dramas during that period of time are very interesting and nice to watch over and over again. I still love some of the old dramas like Beach Boys, Long Vacation, With Love, etc.