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Ueno Juri to Itsutsu no Kaban上野樹里と5つの鞄 – Release Sept 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
This is a five episodes drama feature Ueno Juri (上野樹里) in five different characters and 5 different story lines. The story in each episode related to Ueno Juri’s (上野樹里) bag. In the first episode Ueno Juri (上野樹里) acts as a street performer with a guitar. In the second episode Ueno Juri (上野樹里) acts as an animator. In the third episode Ueno Juri (上野樹里) acts as a country girl that works in the city that almost get herself pregnant. In the fourth episode Ueno Juri (上野樹里) acts as an actor that runs away from work to have a day off. In the fifth episode Ueno Juri (上野樹里) acts as a student of a chef.

Feelings and comments:
Obviously the main focus of this drama is Ueno Juri (上野樹里). The story of each episode is just normal. How good this drama turns out really depends on the acting of Ueno Juri (上野樹里). There are no extreme characters in the entire story that can show off her acting ability. The only thing that I can see is how cute Ueno Juri (上野樹里) can be. After all, this drama is just about Ueno Juri (上野樹里). If you check out her profile, she actually performs well in couple of dramas. You can see her acting ability in Last Friends and Nodame Cantabile. As for this drama, I like the fifth or final episode best. One thing that you might notice is the style and presentation of each episode is different. Perhaps that’s because each episode is directed by different people.

Things that caught my eyes:
Definitely are the bags. The drama won’t tell which bags that they are referring to, so we just have to take a guess. The only episode that I couldn’t find any bag is the elevator episode.

Japan Drama Rating:
Fan of Ueno Juri (上野樹里) should watch it. One thing that fans might be interested is the singing part. She actually sings the theme song with the guitar on the street.

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Drama Theme Song: Kaban no Banka by Ueno Juri

Japan Drama Preview:

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