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Ninkyo Helper任侠ヘルパー – Release July 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Tsubasa Hikoichi (Kusanagi Tsuyoshi) 草彅剛 is a yakuza whose territory located at Roppongi. His theme of being a yakuza is to help the weak and those who needed help. Still he feels it’s getting difficult for yakuza to make a living in this modern world without cheating or breaking the law. One day he was call by his boss for an election of a higher ranking in the group. It turns out that he has to undergo a special test together with 5 other yakuza candidates. Only one out of six of them will be elected for the position. Their test is to work as helper in the elderly care facilities which situated in enemy territory.

Feelings and comments:
It’s been a while that I have not encountered a good drama until now. This drama can be considered one of the best that I’ve seen in months. I saw a lot of Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (草彅剛) dramas and I have to say, I never expect him to be so good in this drama. He totally stands out from all other characters.
No doubt it’s difficult to survive in this world, which includes Yakuza too. Perhaps the only way to earn a living is to equip ourselves with knowledge. It’s not just knowledge but the basic foundation that enables us to keep on learning and improving. That includes realizing the changes around the society. As for this case it’s the increase of the elderly people in society.
People get old. What do we do when our parents become old? Send them to elderly care facility or take care of them ourselves? These are the questions that we will face eventually. Perhaps there is no right answer. We just have to do what is best for all, meaning for the benefits of ourselves and our parents. Sacrifice the life of either one side is not going to help.

Things that caught my eyes:
I wonder how they make the tattoo looks real. At the end, it’s the acting of Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (草彅剛) that caught my attention.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. I’m surprise to see how talented Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (草彅剛) is. His acting really makes me continue watching and finished the drama. This drama also reflexes the elderly care problem Japan faces, or should I say we all are facing.

Original Soundtrack, 2009 Japanese Drama : Ninkyo Helper w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Sotto Kyutto by SMAP

Japan Drama Preview:

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