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Dandy Daddy? ダンディ・ダディ? – Release July 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Izaki Ryunosuke (Tachi Hiroshi) 舘ひろし is a famous romance novelist. His novels are popular and he has lots of female fans. As Izaki Ryunosuke (Tachi Hiroshi) 舘ひろし novels are mainly about love and romance, he is also known as the expert in love and relationship. When it comes to love, he has all the answers. But when it comes to the relationship of his teenage daughter Izaki Akari (Minamisawa Nao) 南沢奈央, he totally becomes a father that over protects his child. At the beginning Izaki Akari (Minamisawa Nao) 南沢奈央 has no intention of starting a relationship. After a misunderstanding by his father and some crazy action taken by his father, she begins to date a young man name Kobayakawa Yuki (Ishiguro Hideo) 石黒英雄. This is the last thing that his father hopes for.

Feelings and comments:

The story of this drama is simple. It’s all about a playboy father that loves his daughter very much. Well, It’s actually former playboy father who over protects his daughter. What makes the story interesting is that the father is an expert of love that writes novels about romance. At most time the words of the father don’t match his action when it’s related to his daughter. That’s the funniest part in this drama.
There are another two couple of father and daughter relationship too, just that it’s not the main focus in this drama. But these additional relationships do makes this drama better. I think it helps to bring out the word “Cherish” to the viewers.
Honestly I think most fathers are like that. Perhaps I might not be able to understand fully until I myself become a father. That goes the same of being a mother too. Sometimes parents push too hard until children bounce back and hate them. Still no matter what, the bloodline is there. There’s always room for forgiveness between parents and children.

Things that caught my eyes:
I like the part where the father always tear the papers apart and tape it together later on. Whenever he thinks about the things that might happen to his daughter, he does it again. That’s not just any papers. It’s his work that he’s supposed to submit.

Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. This is a warm hearted drama about a father that loves his daughter too much.


2009 Japanese Drama : Dandy Daddy w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~ by Hamasaki Ayumi

Japan Drama Preview:

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