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Call Center no Koibitoコールセンターの恋人 – Release July 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Tokura Wataru (Koizumi Kotaro) 小泉孝太郎 works in a TV shopping company in Tokyo. He is just a simple normal stuff trying hard to live his life without offending others. One day he accidentally pisses off the host of the show who has a strong influence within the company. As a result, the show presenter title “Antarctic Ice” (Natori Yuko) 名取裕子 transferred Tokura Wataru (Koizumi Kotaro) 小泉孝太郎 to call center department which situated in country side. At the beginning it was hell to Tokura Wataru (Koizumi Kotaro) 小泉孝太郎 because he was unable to enjoy the modern life style as in Tokyo and later lost his girl friend because of being apart. At the call center department he met Aoyama Kyoko (Mimura) ミムラ aka “Queen of handling complains” and other stuff that teaches him to be a better person. Tokura Wataru (Koizumi Kotaro) 小泉孝太郎 plans to return back to main office in Tokyo but find himself began to love the current job as time goes by.

Feelings and comments:
The title of this drama does not really match the content of the drama. The story of this drama is not about lovers but about the story of customers that complain about the product. For each product sold there will definitely be complains and dissatisfactory. Some complains are unique and related to lots of coincident, thus creating some interesting stories. Perhaps these interesting stories keep those professional operators continue to work.
Some of the scene in this drama reminds me of some situation that employees have to deal with. The first situation is accidentally offended superior and force to transfer away. Second situation is to take the blame no matter what just to comfort customers. Third situation is customers are not always right but we still have to comfort them. Forth situation is some part of business really is dirty and tricky. Fifth situation is that it doesn’t matter if the product is good or bad as long as it sells.

Things that caught my eyes:
No doubt the products that they sell are not real but there is one real product that they promote indirectly. The real commercial that you will notice is the white Toyota car. They even have an angle of a scene that looks the same as commercial poster.

Japan Drama Rating:
Interesting to watch. It’s not just complained that call center received but the story of customers too.

2009 Japanese Drama : Call Center No Koibito w/ Eng Sub, Call Center no Koibito / Call Center's Lovers Japanese Drama Dvd with English Sub

Drama Theme Song: Arigato by Sonar Pocket

Japan Drama Preview:
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