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Honjitsu mo Hare Ijo Nashi本日も晴れ。異状なし– Release Jan 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Shirase Ryo (Sakaguchi Kenji) 坂口憲二 voluntarily transferred to Narumi as a stationary policeman. Narumi is a small populated island without any doctor, police and some other public facilities. As there isn’t much development in this island, there are more people moving out from the island then staying. Shirase Ryo (Sakaguchi Kenji) 坂口憲二 used to be an elite detective in Shinjuku. Due to a mistake that he did in an investigation, he get to know about the island call Narumi from a song. That is how he gets to know the island and decided to transfer there. He believes that no matter how small a place it is, problems exist and there is a need of a policeman. The people in Narumi have been staying there long without any policeman. The sudden appearance of Shirase Ryo (Sakaguchi Kenji) 坂口憲二 stir up a lot of problem but also helps improve the quality of life in the island.

Feelings and comments:
The main attraction of this drama is definitely is the beautiful island scenery. This drama is similar with another drama call Dr. Koto Shinryojo. Instead of a doctor but a policeman travel the whole island on a bicycle.
We all make mistakes, and that includes policeman. It is also true that we cannot fix everything and save everybody. All we can do it try our best to fix and save as much as we can. The important thing is that we take the effort to make things right and try to make a change. As all these action and feelings will eventually influence others to step in and join in. That’s the power that change things and it can be done even if just started out by a person. If you ever read any famous historical legends like George Washington, Martin Luther King or Gandhi, then you’ll know that they all started small but end up big.

Things that caught my eyes:
The beautiful scenery of the small island is the attraction. Not to mention the sugar cane and sheep that occupied most area of the island.

Japan Drama Rating:
Interesting to Watch. It’s a simple story with warm hearted scenes, suitable for family and kids.

2009 Japanese Drama : - Honjitsu Mo Hare. Ijo Nashi - W/ English Subtitle

Drama Theme Song: Negai by Akikawa Masafumi

Japan Drama Preview:

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