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Kiinaキイナ– Release Jan 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Haruse Kiina (Kanno Miho) 菅野美穂 is a detective in a special unit within police investigation department. She is in charge for all extra ordinary cases which related to alien, ghost, Voodoo, poltergeist and unexplainable phenomenal. Those cases might seem strange but in fact these are difficult criminal cases. Even so she is able to explain and solve all the cases using scientific approach. Her photographic memory which enables her to remember every detail of the crime scene is the key to her success.

Feelings and comments:
Like most detective drama, cases involves eventually determines the viewers rating. All the cases in this drama are base on real life cases. That is why each episode is unique and special. The only thing that I feel annoying is that Haruse Kiina (Kanno Miho) 菅野美穂 has to read through lots of books before solving the case. Luckily she is able to do that within few minutes. Plus there are lots of lectures and explanation regarding the strange phenomena that occurs within each case.
It is true that science can explain lots of strange things that happen around us, still there are certain things that science cannot explain. We might not understand now but perhaps in future. Even so every single thing happened with a reason. Most of the things that we listen or heard might not be true. That is because human lie but evidence doesn’t. We just have to assume nothing but follow the evidence.

Things that caught my eyes:
Kiina’s photographic memory way of solving crime sure is interesting. Having able to read lots of books in just few minutes really is convenient.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. All of the criminal cases described in this drama are special. That’s makes the story line interesting.

TV series, 2009 Japanese Drama : Kiina w/ English Subtitle

Drama Theme Song: Change the World by MiChi

Japan Drama Preview:

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