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BOSS– Release April 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Osawa Eriko (Amami Yuki) 天海祐希 is assign as the boss of special anti crime division in the police department. Thanks to her friend Nodate Shinjiro (Takenouchi Yutaka) 竹野内豊, she is able to get this position for her chance to show her ability once again. Unfortunately the main purpose of this division is just a show for the media that the police department is doing something to fight criminals. The stuff that this division gets is those that are unwanted or trouble individuals in other division. Even so, these unwanted detectives are very much capable of doing their job. As the boss of the special anti criminal division, Osawa Eriko (Amami Yuki) 天海祐希 is needs to lead and make full use of these problem detectives.

Feelings and comments:
The main attraction of this drama is the case that connects with each of the characters. As this drama is full with strong cast, some of the characters that they represent have a story to tell. Which I think that makes the story line interesting. It also creates chances for casts to show their acting ability. I suppose that makes each character in this drama to have a strong personality.
A talented female boss is a rare scene, especially in the world of crime fighting. There is always a time when we need to choose between career or family. It is said that we are now living in a world that women are treated equality as men, but still there are many areas and places which equal does not apply. Perhaps that’s because men and women are different.

Things that caught my eyes:
I think I’m going to remember the building that represents headquarter of the Japan police department. I’ve seen it in the previous detective drama and I think I’m going to see it in my next drama. The final guest that appears in the final case really is a surprise.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. It’s not about the detective story but the strong cast of this drama which makes it attractive. It’s all about talented acting.

2009 Japanese Drama : Boss w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Alright!! by superfly

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