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Walkin' Butterflyウォーキン・バタフライ– Release July 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Torayasu Michiko (Nakabeppu Aoi) 中別府葵 hates being tall. Ever since she’s in high school her height is the main reason that she can’t get a boy friend. After graduated she seems to have difficulties in getting jobs because of her height too. Her life was miserable until she met Mihara Ko (Toba Jun) 鳥羽潤, a fashion designer that triggers Torayasu Michiko (Nakabeppu Aoi) 中別府葵 to step foot into the world of modeling. Her life began to change from that moment onwards.

Feelings and comments:
Being a model is not easy. Just take a look at America’s next top model and you’ll know how difficult it is to survive in this industry. I suppose the first criteria that you need to become a model are height. You can work hard in everything but the height. In this drama we can see how a model is created and trained.
This drama reminds me of the story of ugly duckling. I suppose there is actually no ugly person but only lazy person. If you put your mind into it and work hard, anybody can be good looking. It’s not just the appearance that we have to work hard but also our own personality and characteristic. This is what we call the inner beauty which can be obtained from knowledge and experience.

Things that caught my eyes:
This drama makes Torayasu Michiko (Nakabeppu Aoi) 中別府葵 “tall”, really “tall”. It is interesting to link this drama with the movie Flying Rabbits. Each char in the movie can be seen in each episode of the drama.

Japan Drama Rating:
Fun to watch. The reaction and acting of Torayasu Michiko (Nakabeppu Aoi) 中別府葵 in this drama really is funny.

TV series, 2008 Japanese Drama : Walkin' Butterfly w/ English Subtitle

Drama Theme Song: Seiippai, Bokura no Uta by ghostnote

Japan Drama Preview:

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