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MR. BRAIN– Release May 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Tsukumo Ryusuke (Kimura Takuya) 木村拓哉 was a simple ordinary guy. Right after an accident that injured his brain, his IQ increases rapidly. It’s a miracle that he is able to survive and gains such talent. Still there are many questions that are unanswered for what has happened to his brain. In order to understand better the changes of his brain, Tsukumo Ryusuke (Kimura Takuya) 木村拓哉 went back to study. He is able to obtain a PhD on human brain in a short time of period thanks to his gifted miracle. Tsukumo Ryusuke (Kimura Takuya) 木村拓哉 later was hired and assign to the Research and Science department of police force, a department that uses high end technologies to solve criminal cases. Tsukumo Ryusuke (Kimura Takuya) 木村拓哉 is in charge of the brain section. Which is responsible in figuring out how the mind of a criminal works. In other words Tsukumo Ryusuke (Kimura Takuya) 木村拓哉 might just have a brilliant mind that come close to what the criminal is thinking.

Feelings and comments:
The appearance of Hirosue Ryoko (広末涼子) in the first episode is enough to make me continue watching this drama until the last episode. Seriously I had never seen that many famous top actors appear in a drama as guest stars. On top of that, this drama has Kimura Takuya (木村拓哉) as Tsukumo Ryusuke and Ayase Haruka (綾瀬はるか) as Yuri Kazune. It’s enough to draw a lot of attention from a lot of fans. Of cause not to mention how good both their acting is.
There are still a lot of areas within human brain that we don’t quite understand yet. It’s the most sophisticated part in our body. It’s also very fragile. Any injury that involves the brain is going to look ugly. As for the case of Tsukumo Ryusuke (Kimura Takuya) 木村拓哉, I don’t think anybody can be that lucky.
Adding human brain study into detective drama certainly is something new. In most of the cases the drama is focus more on the criminal instead of the crime. In order to get the best results, getting top actors for the role of the criminals is the right choice.

Things that caught my eyes:
There are lots of advance technologies shown in this drama but I doubt not all of them are real. I actually like his table with a large touch screen monitor. I’ll definitely get one of those if available, but most probably will be very expensive.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. The drama uses a different approach on solving crime. I’m very surprise that this drama is able to invite a lot of top actors and singers as guest star.

 2009 Japanese Drama : - Mr. Brain - W/ English Subtitle

Drama Theme Song: JUMP by Van Halen

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