Sunday, September 13, 2009

Konkatsu!婚カツ!– Release April 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Amamiya Kuniyuki (Nakai Masahiro) 中居正広 comes from a family that owns a tongkatsu restaurant. His father wants him to take over the restaurant but sadly Amamiya Kuniyuki (Nakai Masahiro) 中居正広 hates tongkatsu. He rather works in other company then helping up with preparing tongkatsu. As jobs are difficult to come by, he needs to fake his marriage to get hired by the local government. In order to make things right, he needs to get married as soon as possible so that his story becomes true. That’s when he starts joining group dating call konkatsu. Trying to find someone and get married but instead did not realize a girl that is close to him has been in love with him for a long time.

Feelings and comments:
This drama really is slow tempo. For the first couple of episode, it might seem a bit boring as there isn’t anything special about it. It’s about a thirty year old guy trying to get married just to keep his job. You can feel that this is just a story of a simple ordinary guy that you can find anywhere around. If you’re able to survive the first couple of episode, then you’ll start to get interested in the drama as there is a sense of finding out the extraordinary right from a simple ordinary life.
Marriage is about 2 people that are able to find each other, love each other and wanted to stay together for the rest of their life. It can be consider as miracle. In order to create this miracle we have to get involve. That means meeting with people. It’s like a game of finding the right one. There are no rules and there are no hints. All you can rely on is just your feelings. It might looks strange attending events like konkatsu but it’s actually a way to expose yourself and increase the possibility of the miracle. Besides it’s just an event to get to know more people.

Things that caught my eyes:
As shown in the picture above, the drama is mixing up konkatsu and tongkatsu. What in the world that konkatsu has to do with tongkatsu. At least the drama succeeded in convincing me to have tongkatsu for dinner.

Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. Perhaps the story line is too simple and direct, nothing special but the story is nicely presented.

Original Soundtrack, 2009 Japanese Drama : Konkatsu! W/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Wedding Bell by PUFFY

Japan Drama Preview:


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