Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tokyo Tower 東京タワー -Release Jan 07

Kumo Japan Drama Sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
A very warm and heart touching drama about the life of a mother and son story. A single mother that works hard to raise her child with all her love. The relationship between mother and son was carefully produce. Nakayama Masaya (Hayami Mokomichi速水もこみち)- Ma kun and his mother Nakayama Chochi (Baisho Mitsuko 倍賞美津子)stay in the country side when he was young. After graduated from high school, he then went to a university in Tokyo. From there he started his life in Tokyo without the gentle care of his mother. Ma kun continues to stay in Tokyo after graduated from the University. He had some trouble at the beginning but still able to find a job to survive in Tokyo. Later on his mother came to Tokyo to stay with him for the rest of her life.

Feelings & Comments:
The feelings of happy and sad are mix together. A very touching and unfamiliar story that all of us know because we too have our own version of "Mother and son/daughter ". A lot of us have almost the same experience. Mom take care of boy when young, then boy leave home to study, after that find a job in a city far away from home. Then one day we realize that our parents have grown old, then we realize all the work that they done for us. It's never too late to realize it but we always regret that we did not realize it earlier. This is the most difficult debt to payback as it is unable to value by money. Another special item is the detail composed music along the whole drama that brings out the emotion within. This drama surely intended to make you cry.

Things that caught my eyes:
Tokyo tower sure is very attractive place. The music and songs never stop through out the whole drama. The mother Nakayama Chochi (Baisho Mitsuko 倍賞美津子) was very good in the Drama.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching it. A very warm and heart touching drama.

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