Thursday, September 20, 2007

Anego アネゴ - Release April 05

Kumo Japan Drama Sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Noda Naoko (Shinohara Ryoko 篠原涼子) has been working for 10 years in the company and yet still single. Waiting for a man to come to her life everyday while taking care of other younger workers. With the age of 32 and always like a big sister to others, it's unlikely for her to get a boy friend. Especially when she is the big sister of so many cute female workers. For Noda, there are only 2 option for her future. Either find a man and get married or become a single elite business woman. This story tells the feelings and problems face by a single 32 year old woman that almost given up getting married. At her age, the choice she has is either a married man or a man younger then her. That is if that man still wants her.

Feelings & Comments:
It seems to be a romance story of elder woman - Noda Naoko (Shinohara Ryoko 篠原涼子)with a man - Kurozawa Akihiko (Akanishi Jin 赤西仁)that is younger then her but actually not. The drama focus mainly on the life style and feelings of Noda Naoko. (Shinohara Ryoko 篠原涼子) Being a successful business woman now days might looks cool but still it doesn't quite complete without marriage. In fact trying to survive in the business world of today is tougher for a woman. In reality woman are always the one that sacrifice most and this drama shows it all. A lot of social issue and moral issue can be seen in the company she's working.

Things that caught my eyes:
The song "We will rock you" comes when ever Noda is talking to the us - The viewer. Even in the worst condition, she still able to come out form it nicely. Guess there's always a way when there is a will.

Japan Drama Rate:
Worth watching it. Finding your way through the life of 9 to 5 in the city.


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