Sunday, September 30, 2007

Proposal Daisakusen プロポーズ大作戦 – Release April 07

Kumo Japan Drama Sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:

The story starts at a wedding ceremony where most of us assume that Iwase Ken (Yamashita Tomohisa) 山下智久 is the bridegroom and Yoshida Rei (Nagasawa Masami) 長澤まさみ is the bride. Turns out that the bridegroom is actually Tada Tetsuya (Fujiki Naohito) 藤木直人, that is their teacher. Iwase Ken and Yoshida Rei knew each other when they are young. They grew up together attending the same school until college. Deep inside their heart they like each other very much. Unfortunately they never did confess and express their feelings to each other. Thus Iwase Ken end up looking at the person he loves married to another person. Iwase Ken feel regret during the wedding. If he would have take things more seriously and act more aggressively then he might be the person standing next to Yoshida Rei. As he prays that he could go back in time to fix it, a fairy appears and granted his wishes. There fore Iwase Ken started his journey of making Yoshida Rei as his bride.

Feelings and Comments:

You might not like the character of Iwase Ken but that’s the main point of this drama. If you love someone, you need to say it out loud so that he/she can hear it. Don’t ever let go any chances you have. Any reasons that you have for not doing so is just excuse that you’ll regret. There is no second chance or redo, there is only now. This drama really cooks up the relationship and feelings between Iwase Ken and Yoshida Rei. Man who is insensitive and rarely say the words “Love you”. Woman who is hoping man understands and afraid of rejection. These feelings are being brought out nicely in this drama.

Things that caught my eyes:

The theme songs and the music push the emotion of the drama up another level. Nagasawa Masami expresses and brought up the feeling of a young girl who is in love nicely. Wedding ceremony is always nice to watch.

Japan Drama Rating:

Worth watching it. A beautiful love story told in a fairy tale style.

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