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Hotelier ホテリアー – Release April 07

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:

As you can see it yourself, it’s about stories that related to Tokyo Ocean Hotel. Odagiri Kyoko (Ueto Aya) 上戸彩 is the assistance manager of the hotel that facing financial crisis and the potential of taking over. During the hotel 30th anniversary the president of the hotel fell sick and never recovered. In order to save the hotel from the cricis, Odagiri Kyoko went to Korea in search of Ogata Kouhei (Tanabe Seiichi) 田辺誠一 for help. Together they try to bring up the hotel with the help of other stuff. At the other hand a professional in business takeover Mizusawa Keigo (Oikawa Mitsuhiro) 及川光博 was hired to take over the hotel. Part of the reason that Mizusawa Keigo takes this job is because he has a crush on Odagiri Kyoko. The best part is that Mizusawa Keigo stays in Tokyo Ocean Hotel for the job and romance.

Feeling and comments:

The main focus of this drama is Ueto Aya 上戸彩. The story lack of depth seems like everything just glance through very fast. This drama does have the shadow of “Pretty Woman” but did not set up well. Of cause it's also a remake of the famous Korean Drama - Hotelier. Even so it does have a few tricks and surprise in it. The Korean actor (Bae Yong Jun) and some Korean conversation does impress a bit.

Things that caught my eyes:

The conversation between Odagiri Kyoko (Ueto Aya) 上戸彩 and the Korean Actor - Bae Yong Jun in Korean languages leaves a big impression. The theme song that sings by (Ueto Aya) 上戸彩 is not bad at all.

Japan Drama Rating:

Fan of (Ueto Aya) 上戸彩 is a must watch. If not then skip it.

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