Thursday, September 20, 2007

Densha Otoko 電車男 - Release July 05

Japan Drama Story:

This drama is base on a true story of a geek-train man, Yamada Tsuyoshi (Itoh Atsushi 伊藤淳史) who falls in love with a beautiful, young and rich lady -Hermes, Aoyama Saori(Itoh Misaki 伊東美咲). This story actually originated from a discussion board where millions of internet users sending messages to help the train man. Advices and comments were given to help win the heart of the lady he loves. This story also written as one of the best selling novel. Both of them met during an incident in the train. Train man, Yamada Tsuyoshi helped Hermes, Aoyama Saori from being disturb by a drunk man. From the moment train man Yamada Tsuyoshi saw Hermes, Aoyama Saori, he already in love with her. Thus from that day onwards, train man put up all his effort to try to impress Hermes, Aoyama Saori. As his is just a geek that know only computer and anime, he has no idea on how to approach a lady. With no friends to go for, he seeks help from the internet at the discussion board. As millions of people around Japan are interested in the train man's romance, many advices and helps are given. Even so, both train man and Hermes are from a totally different world. A simple date is as almost a mission impossible to him.

Feelings & comments:
A very special story but yet fits a lot of scenario. We are mostly common with beauty and the beast but this version is more like beauty and the donkey. It gives hope to men out there that you don't have to be rich or good looking to have a beautiful wife. The things that win the hearts of the girls might surprise she loves you.

Things that caught my eyes:
Itoh Misaki 伊東美咲 sure is beautiful. Also I like the character Jinkama Misuzu (Shiraishi Miho 白石美帆). The way she talks impress me. She was quote by the Darth Vader ring tone by the train man.

Japan Drama Rating:
Fun to watch. It's just like a fairy tale.


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