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Tumblingタンブリング – Release April 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Azuma Wataru (Yamamoto Yusuke) 山本裕典 is a student that don’t like to study nor involve in school activities. His is only good in gang fighting. One day his teacher told him there are not enough school attendance points and he might need to repeat the same year of study. The only two options available for Azuma Wataru (Yamamoto Yusuke) 山本裕典 is either take on additional tuitions or participate in school club activities to make up with the points. Azuma Wataru (Yamamoto Yusuke) 山本裕典 chooses to take on activities in school club but it seems like none of the club suits him. However he finally chooses to join rhythmic gymnastics club because he wants to impress a girl that he likes. At the end of the day rhythmic gymnastics turns out to be an activity that he is passion of.

Feelings and comments:
This drama is all about male rhythmic gymnastics. There aren’t any popular actors in the drama. The main focus of this drama is in the rhythmic gymnastics. You’ll get to learn and understand rhythmic gymnastics as you watch the drama. Honestly I think that’s the main purpose of this drama. That is to promote and introduce rhythmic gymnastics.
I think most of you that watched the animation “Slam Dunk” will instantly smell a sense of similarities in this drama. The story and script is about the same just that the drama changes the basket ball into rhythmic gymnastics. But still it’s a good way of getting lots of attention and interest. The first episode looks good and promising but it doesn’t seem so after that. I suppose those of you who are interested in rhythmic gymnastics will love to watch this drama.

Things that caught my eyes:
My first impression is the red head, student gangster, fighting champ but participating in rhythmic gymnastics. No doubt it’s a rhythmic gymnastics version of “Slam Dunk”. I’m just interested to see how much similarity the drama is produced.

Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. This drama is just like any other passionate and energetic sports drama which focuses on rhythmic gymnastics. You’ll notice a lot of similarities between this drama and the popular basketball animation “Slam Dunk”.

2010 Japanese Drama : Tumbling w/ Eng Sub, Original Soundtrack

Drama Theme Song: Manazashi by Honey L Days

Japan Drama Preview:

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