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Mother – Release April 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Suzuhara Nao (Matsuyuki Yasuko) 松雪泰子 works as a temporally elementary school teacher who likes birds watching. She even tries to apply for a job in university that related to bird watching research. One day she met a young female student name Michiki Reina(Ashida Mana) 芦田愛菜 who behaves differently from other students. Michiki Reina(Ashida Mana) 芦田愛菜 seems to be more mature compare to other students. Suzuhara Nao (Matsuyuki Yasuko) 松雪泰子 also sense that Michiki Reina(Ashida Mana) 芦田愛菜 has family problems and was abuse by somebody at home. As there is very least Suzuhara Nao (Matsuyuki Yasuko) 松雪泰子can do legally, she decided to volunteer herself as Michiki Reina(Ashida Mana) 芦田愛菜 substitute mother and take her away from Hokkaido to start a new life in Tokyo. Thus they start a journey which changes their entire life.

Feelings and comments:
This drama is about motherhood or to be precise it’s about maternal instincts. Plus this drama emphasize that motherhood has nothing to do with bloodline. A mother love is natural towards any child. This drama is not just about the story between both Suzuhara Nao (Matsuyuki Yasuko) 松雪泰子 and Michiki Reina(Ashida Mana) 芦田愛菜 but also people around them. That includes the people and events that they went through along their journey.
My first impression about this drama is sad and cold but as the drama continues, it’s more about thinking positive no matter what situation we are in. Plus a lot of warm and comfortable love from mothers. A good advice from Michiki Reina(Ashida Mana) 芦田愛菜 the little girl is to think about the things that you like always.

Things that caught my eyes:
The conversation between Suzuhara Nao (Matsuyuki Yasuko) 松雪泰子 and Michiki Reina (Ashida Mana) 芦田愛菜 is really interesting because it shows lots of sensible talk which kids normally won’t do. I suppose that’s the attraction of this drama. There are also lots of beautiful scenes captured in this drama.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. The theme of this drama is about motherhood and maternal instincts. The story is simple but the drama is able to create the atmosphere that brings out the love, especially when there is no bloodline related.

 2010 Japanese Drama : Mother w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Nakigao Smile by hinaco

Japan Drama Preview:

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