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Kimitachi ni Asu wa na君たちに明日はない – Release Jan 10

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Japan Drama Story:
Murakami Shinsuke (Sakaguchi Kenji) 坂口憲二 works as a consultant in a company which specializes in lay off and company restructuring. Murakami Shinsuke (Sakaguchi Kenji) 坂口憲二 is very good at his job and always received top performance in his work. Although he is very successful in his career, he often doubts his work of laying off employees is the right thing to do. One day Murakami Shinsuke (Sakaguchi Kenji) 坂口憲二 was assign on a job to lay off 200 employees from a building material company. He met a female employee name Serizawa Yoko (Tanaka Misako) 田中美佐子 who is on the list of lay off. As Murakami Shinsuke (Sakaguchi Kenji) 坂口憲二 has strong feelings towards Serizawa Yoko (Tanaka Misako) 田中美佐子, Murakami Shinsuke (Sakaguchi Kenji) 坂口憲二 is facing a hard performing his task of laying off her.

Feelings and comments:
Although the drama includes love story but still the main focus is on lay off and company restructuring. We often read news about lay off, voluntary retirement and company restructuring, especially during economic downturn couple of years ago. Have you ever wonder why a company needs to go through restructuring? And why you’re being lay off? Before looking for the answers, it will be best to think about some of the basic terms like company, job position and work responsibility. Company which does not generate revenue will face restructuring or shut down eventually. A job position which does not help company to grow or generate income will be deleted. An employee who does not carry out or perform their work responsibility will be deleted. All the above are link to the growth and revenue of a company. So if you’re trying to avoid getting lay off, find a company that makes money, secure an important job position and carry out the work responsibility accordingly.
It is interesting to listen to their conversation during the interview of voluntary retirement. We can find out lots of evil tactics company use to force an individual to accept the deal. I actually enjoyed looking at Murakami Shinsuke (Sakaguchi Kenji) 坂口憲二 facial expression when he confronts the employees.

Things that caught my eyes:
It is interesting to take a look at how a company which specializes in lay off and restructuring works. Especially when the consultant trying to persuade an employee to voluntary resign, that’s actually brilliant.

Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. This is an interesting drama about lay off and company restructuring. As an employee, it’s a must to watch.

2010 Japanese Drama: Kimitachi ni Asu wa nai w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Tomorrow Waltz by Toshinobu Kubota

Japan Drama Preview:
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