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Yako no Kaidan夜光の階段 – Release April 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Sayama Michio (Fujiki Naohito) 藤木直人 is a hairstylist who dreams of running his own saloon shop. Sayama Michio (Fujiki Naohito) 藤木直人 has the talent, potential and a handsome face that attracts female. In order to fulfill his dream, he makes use of his charm to gather money, connection and power from women. In the other hand, a detective has been working on a murder case for years that is related to Sayama Michio (Fujiki Naohito) 藤木直人. It seems like Sayama Michio (Fujiki Naohito) 藤木直人 is not his real name and his past is a mystery. As Sayama Michio (Fujiki Naohito) 藤木直人 is getting closer to achieve his dream, the detective is getting closer to solve the case and finding out the truth.

Feelings and comments:
This drama looks more like a mystery murder case that focus on Sayama Michio (Fujiki Naohito) 藤木直人. It is a good experience to watch Fujiki Naohito (藤木直人) acts as different character other than good old nice person. Although his facial expression is not so suitable for this character but he is still able to brings out a sense of bad sign.
    It is difficult to be success with just talent only. Most of the time luck plays a big role in making the path to success. If you have power and money, the path of success can be made easily. It’s basically just having more chances to reach for success. If you compare the success rates between people who are rich and powerful and people who started out with nothing, the results are obvious. Still that does not mean possibility is not there. You just have to work harder or sacrifice other important things to reach your goal. Some people even willing to sold their soul in order to be success. It’s just the choice we have to make to get what we wanted. 

Things that caught my eyes:
The first thing that impressed me is the work of the hairstylist. It actually can bring out the beauty within a person with the right hair cut. The second thing is that women seems be more powerful and influential in this drama, even though men seems to be in control.

Japan Drama Rating:
Interesting to watch. This drama is special as we can see a dark evil side of Sayama Michio (Fujiki Naohito) 藤木直人 which will do anything to fulfill his dream. I think this is the first time that we see Fujiki Naohito (藤木直人) act on this type of character.

2009 Japanese Drama : Yako No Kaidan w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Crime of Love by Fujiki Naohito

Japan Drama Preview:
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