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Boku no Imotoぼくの妹 – Release April 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Egami Mei (Odagiri Joe) 小田切譲 and Egami Saya (Nagasawa Masami) 長澤まさみ are brother and sister with absolute opposite characteristic and personality. Egami Mei (Odagiri Joe) 小田切譲 is a talented doctor who is a quiet and generous but not good in socialize. He is neither good nor active in sports but loves cycling. Egami Saya (Nagasawa Masami) 長澤まさみ does not have a permanent job and not as smart as his brother. She is very good in socialize and is a street smart kind of person. Although both of the brother and sister have a different kind of life style, different point of views and different values, they take care of each other since their parents died. One day an incident which involves the death of a woman name Kirihara Satoko (Tomosaka Rie) ともさかりえ brings big impact to both their life.

Feelings and comments:
This is actually a normal ordinary story about brother and sister. The brother is a mature realistic person that always does the right thing. The sister does things according to her feelings and always gets into trouble. It’s a typical example of brother and sister. Even though they do things differently, they both have the same intention. They care for each other and they wanted to help as much as possible. The problem is sometimes the help they trying to do create more damages then good. That is why sometimes doing the right thing might not be helpful. This is where misunderstanding occurs if people don’t sit down and talk about it.
    This is a slow sentimental drama that focuses on the relationship between brother and sister. You have to be very patient in order to finish the drama. The death incident is the mystery that connects the drama together. There is lots of suspense too. I suppose that’s the only reason that makes me continue watching this drama. Once you get to know each of the characters in the drama, you’ll gain the curiosity to find out how things turn out at the end.

Things that caught my eyes:
Everything is simple and ordinary in this drama. Even the talented doctor Egami Mei (Odagiri Joe) 小田切譲 lives an ordinary life just like everybody else. The only special thing in this drama is the opposite characteristic of the brother and sister.

Japan Drama Rating:
Fan of Odagiri Joe (小田切譲) and Nagasawa Masami (長澤まさみ) should watch the drama. Most of the scenes in this drama are focus on both of them. You have to watch until the 3rd episode to find the interest to keep on watching. Honestly I think this drama is kind of boring.

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Drama Theme Song: Futari by Ikimono-gakari

Japan Drama Preview:

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