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泣かないと決めた日 Naka nai to Kimeta Hi – Release Jan 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Tsunoda Miki (Eikura Nana) 榮倉奈々just graduated from university and was lucky to get hired by a big company. Tsunoda Miki (Eikura Nana) 榮倉奈々 is very happy and looking forward to start her working life anxiously. Now that Tsunoda Miki (Eikura Nana) 榮倉奈々 already secured a job in a big company, her future seems bright and things will be great. Unfortunately she learned that working place is totally the opposite of what she imagined in the first working day. Since the first day she starts working, Tsunoda Miki (Eikura Nana) 榮倉奈々 did not mix well with her colleague and worst of all becomes the target of bullies. Even her friend that she met who starts working in the company same time gives her a hard time without her noticing. As she started to lose faith and decided to quit her job, she realized that despite so many people did not believe her and hate her, there is still someone who can understand her and recognize her ability. From that day onwards, Tsunoda Miki (Eikura Nana) 榮倉奈々decided to stop crying and start fighting to win her spot in the company. She will not quit as her family is depending on her.

Feelings and comments:
I suppose the first important ability the main cast must have is cry. No doubt Eikura Nana (榮倉奈々) fits the criteria as she’s always been the one that cry easily in most emotional functions. There are total of 8 episodes in this drama. It’s a bit short but still I think it’s just enough as the story is simple. No point to drag on the bully scene as that’s just going to make viewers uncomfortable to keep on watching.
    The first job in our first year of working in a company, especially a big company is always the toughest time. That’s because we have to adjust from study life to working life. Normally it takes at least few weeks or months. It’s not just physically needs to adjust to the 8am~5pm working stamina, mentally we need to take on learning, lecturing, pressuring, forcing and sacrificing situation. These are just some of the changes occur that we need to face. At the end of the day, there can be only two results. Either we are able to fit in to the working society and find a spot which we have a value towards company or we surrender the fight and quit. I still remember the first month that I work in the big company SONY. For the first week of work, I slept right after I’m off at 5:30pm. I fall sick a lot for the first 6 month as my body are not use to the working environment. I made lots of crazy and stupid mistakes that cost millions of dollars to the company. My immediate superior spends lots of time lecturing me because when I cause a trouble or a mistake, he is responsible for it. It was quite an experience but right after I get through it, things become a lot easier. It might be hash and difficult at the beginning, but when you stand strong and don’t quit easily, good things will happen eventually. When that happens, it is considered a priceless treasure to you.
    There are lots of things that cannot be done in just one day. We just have to keep on working on it step by step until we complete it. The basic concept of working in a company is team work. It’s mostly impossible to get your job done by just yourself. Even if you’re capable of doing it alone, it’s going to be tough and time consuming. You need to work as a team member and get help from other colleagues so that the work can be done in shorter time, better quality, easily and most of all fun working on it.

Things that caught my eyes:
It’s great to be able to go up until the top floor of the building. Especially during working hour, it sure is a great place to release tension. Normally I don’t think security of the building will allow any people to go up there as those are the spots where people commit suicide.

Japan Drama Rating:
Nice to watch. A simple story that translates first working year is the most difficult period. Still we cannot run away but continue to fight for a spot to survive in the working society.

Original Soundtrack, 2010 Japanese Drama : Naka nai to Kimeta Hi w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Don’t cry anymore by Miwa

Japan Drama Preview:

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