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サムライ・ハイスクールSamurai High School – Release Oct 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Mochizuki Kotaro (Miura Haruma) 三浦春馬 is a simple high school student who is not serious about anything including his life. One day he came to a strange library and was introduce to an ancient book regarding a young samurai who die 400 years ago. The young samurai has the same name as Mochizuki Kotaro (Miura Haruma) 三浦春馬. As he started to read the book, strange things began to happen. According to his father Mochizuki Shinji (Kishitani Goro) 岸谷五朗, their ancestors seems to be a brave samurai who has the same name as Mochizuki Kotaro. Later Mochizuki Kotaro (Miura Haruma) 三浦春馬 was involved in an accident when trying to help his friends Nakamura Tsuyoshi (Shirota Yu) 城田優 and Nagasawa Ai (Anne) 杏. During the accident Mochizuki Kotaro (Miura Haruma) 三浦春馬 was unconscious and his body was taken over by the spirit of his ancestor samurai.

Feelings and comments:
The topic of personality change or character switch within a body is always a favorite idea for TV drama or movie. In this drama you can see a change within 2 souls in a body. No doubt this type of story has a certain guarantee of viewing rate. People are always curious on how it happens.
    I’m a bit disappointed in this drama because this type of topic can be very funny and fun to watch. Lots of humors and jokes can be included when an ancient samurai 400 years old was brought back to present. Instead this drama chooses to have serious teaching and lesson about life as the main theme. Unfortunately the drama is still unable to make a big impression with the couching from Mr. Samurai. 
    It doesn’t matter which year or which era you’re living. Life itself is a nonstop continues fighting from the day we’re born. We either confront the challenge and fight to survive or we just let things around run our life. We often said that history repeats itself. That is why we study history. So that we don’t make the same mistakes again, and we also learned that we have to fight in order to survive.

Things that caught my eyes:
It seems the makeup and dresses really help in changing a person. No doubt the acting ability comes first but still you can see the difference instantly if you add up all the small details. This drama really tests the acting ability of the main cast.

Japan Drama Rating:
Fun to watch. This is another character switch type drama. The main focus on this type of drama is the ability of main cast who can act between two different people.

2009 Japanese Drama : Samurai High School w/ Eng Sub

Drama Theme Song: Kodoku no Taiyo by monobright

Japan Drama Preview:

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