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魔女裁判Majo Saiban – Release April 09

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Yoshioka Toru (Ikuta Toma) 生田斗真 is a part timer who don’t have an actual job. He design and sell T shirt but business is not good. One day Yoshioka Toru (Ikuta Toma) 生田斗真 is chosen as one of the juror in a trial. Yoshioka Toru (Ikuta Toma) 生田斗真 and 7 other jurors are being selected in a trail of a murder case which involved a single mother who inherited a large amount of money. As the trial begins, strange things began to happen around the jurors. It seems a mysterious party trying to control the outcome of the trial by threatening the jury. In order to fight against the treats, Yoshioka Toru (Ikuta Toma) 生田斗真 teams up with one of the jurors - Watabe Izumi (Kato Ai) 加藤あい. In the other hand, Yoshioka Toru (Ikuta Toma) 生田斗真’s action are being watch closely as the mysterious party uses every tricks they can to control the results of the trial. That includes Yoshioka Toru (Ikuta Toma) 生田斗真’s girl friend Motomiya Kaori (Higa Manami) 比嘉愛未who is a newspaper reporter.

Feelings and comments:

There is a movie call Runaway Jury which is almost similar to this drama. Compare to the movie I think this drama still lack of the excitement. I suppose this type of topic still consider new to Japan.
    Trial by Jury, I think not every country can carry out such a process. The first qualification of being a juror is able to make decision or takes an opinion without having to influence by others. It takes a certain level of mental maturity to take on such a task. That’s because the faith or the life of a person may just depends on a simple “guilty or not” conclusion. I haven’t been to a trial nor become a juror before but I understand the responsibility within.
    Everybody has at least a secret. Some of us might do anything just to keep the secret safe. Especially if the secret might affect the benefits or welfare of a person, one can becomes selfish. If one discovers the dark secret of a person, it can be use against that person. It’s a mind game that we can easily encounter in politics, society and working area.

Things that caught my eyes:
The T shirt is a bit annoying but I’m surprise that they give it away as a gift.

Japan Drama Rating:
Interesting to watch. This drama air right before the actual jury system starts in Japan. It gives us a lot of room to think and compare the differences of jury system between Japan and US. This drama is a good way to inform and educate the jury system to the public in Japan.

Original Soundtrack, 2009 Japanese Drama : - Majo Saiban - W/ English Subtitle

Drama Theme Song: Keshin by Fukuyama Masaharu

Japan Drama Preview:

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