Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nodame Cantabile のだめカンタービレ – Release Oct 06

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:

Chiaki Shinichi (Tamaki Hiroshi) 玉木宏 is determine to be an orchestra conductor but was having trouble in his studies. Due to his personality and afraid to take flights, he remains in Japan even if he is talented in several musical instruments. He dreams to become an orchestra conductor ever since he was a kid. He was having a hard time pursuing his dream until he met Noda Megumi (Ueno Juri) 上野樹里. She is a talented piano student who lives next door to Chiaki Shinichi. She falls in love with Chiaki Shinichi the first time she met him. Chiaki Shinichi could not bear with her dirty, smelly and messy life that he was forced to take care of her. Pretty much like taking care of a pet. Noda Megumi (Ueno Juri) 上野樹里is talented as she is able to learn music fast by just listening. She is also able to understand and reproduced the feeling behind the classical music. The problem with her is that she just want to play the piano happily and afraid to open up herself to music.

Both of them met and started out a crazy musical journey that takes their career to a higher level. Opportunities start to gather around both of them as they help each other on achieving their goals. Chiaki Shinichi (Tamaki Hiroshi) 玉木宏 gets to conduct an orchestra and Noda Megumi (Ueno Juri) 上野樹里able to take the first step to become a pianist. Not to forget the romance that follows around both of them.

Feelings and comments:

This drama is great if you like to learn about classical music. It’s not that you’ll learn how to play it but you’ll get to love it by having fun with it. You’ll get to know the names of some classical musicians like Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Brahms, Schubert and many more. A lot of people that learned piano or any other musical instrument are because of their parents. How many of those people learned it because they love it? Mostly they started out because their parents ask them to. As they grow up then they have the choice to make it as their career or stop practicing music. I never knew what music really is when I was young. I only know that I love listening to them.

Classical music is the main attraction in this drama. The others are all supportive cast that help makes classical music interesting and fun.

Things that caught my eyes:

I love the scene where Chiaki Shinichi (Tamaki Hiroshi) 玉木宏 discipline and spank Noda Megumi (Ueno Juri) 上野樹里.

Japan Drama Rating:

Fun to watch. It’s a crazy interesting classical music joyride. You’ll love it if you like music, especially classical.


TV series, Original Soundtrack, Special

Japan Drama Preview:


Plotter said...

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kumowai said...

Thanks. Have a nice day and thanks for dropping by.

Arachne Jericho said...

I'd heard good things about the manga and the anime; looks like the live action is something to watch as well. (Haven't engaged with any of these.)

Since I do run a site that features classical music and fiction, I should probably check it out.

Thanks for this useful review! And the links, too.

(BTW, I'm trying to learn Japanese too. Very hard, but more fun than other languages I've tried to learn---German, Spanish, French.)

kumowai said...

I think the best part of this drama is that we are able to watch the actual orchestra. Having to watch them perform the musical instrument is really entertaining.

P/S: The key to learn one language is to love it.

surprise said...

I like this drama. Very funny ^_^.

Ashveendae said...

This drama is one of those I really liked and enjoyed watching. Noda is really funny and omg she's a very good actress. So clumsy and all. Hahaha. Plus the music is awesome. So good.
Btw, nice blog. I've never known anyone who have watched more Jdramas than I did. You are such an addict. Just kidding. Hehehe. How I wish I've watched ALL the dramas that you have posted. *sigh*

kumowai said...

Thanks. Well, I never did actually finish all the dramas. I stop half way for some of the titles as not all of them are worth finish it. Minimum I need to watch at least 2 episode of the drama in order for me to write a review. Part of this is because I try to keep up with my Japanese language study.

Anonymous said...

This drama is casually offensive, in that ignorant, backwards way that often goes under the radar or gets a stamp of approval in Japan.. For one, the violence offhand violence against women in the show (the main character repeatedly punches or hits a women) is used a source of comedy. Great. Not to mention the women are all depicted as pouting simpering fools. The other tsk-tsk about this show is the only foreign character is a lech and a buffoon, one who can't speak Japanese properly (accent). Looking at these things critically, one can see the undercurrent of the less than desirable leanings of modern Japanese culture. Sexist, violence against women loving xenophobic Japanese (and their apologists) might find this sort of show amusing. i think it is borderline despicable.

kumowai said...

I'm sorry that you feels that way but at the end this is just a TV drama. It's a fictional story and basically we can do anything on TV because it's not real. If you try to relate what's shown on screen and real life, you'll find almost every drama and movies offensive. Life is not easy. At least there is a thing call TV or Movie to let us have some fun by letting us go crazy and wild for a moment. It helps to release tension and continue with our daily life. Chii up, it's just a TV drama.

P/S: This is actually a remake from a Japanese Manga. It's suppose to be as crazy as possible to have a good laugh. If they start banning movies and TV dramas as what you refer, we won't be seeing Batman, Ironman, Spiderman, The mask, Mr & Mrs Smith and lot more movies. That will make TV and movies very boring.

Anonymous said...

Going by the logic of the above poster, as long as it is just a tv drama, it is ok to be racist, sexist, xenophobic or anything else one desires. After all, it is only tv. What a totally irresponsible and despicable attitude. It is worse than a kop out.

So, i guess one can belittle the Holocaust in a zany T.V comedy featuring bumbling, loveable SS Guards and the wacky schemes prisoners at Sobibor come up with tho survive, because after all, it is only T.V.

Kumowai, try to be a little more introspective. i sure hope you are not as ignorant as your post makes you seem.

kumowai said...

Well, as long as it's a TV drama, no matter how racist, sexist, xenophobic or anything else one desires, it's not real. After all it's just a reproduce story or an idea of a person. There are so many drama out there in the world. You can't control how people produce them. The only thing that you can do is either to watch or not to watch. Just choose those drama that you feels comfortable watching.

One thing that I like about Japan drama is that they can have almost any topic and any title. a lot of new things can be seen.

P/S: I like the spanking scene because it's amaze that they can do it just like the cartoon Tom and Jerry. It's the special effects that I like, not the desire to watch people get hit. By the way, I still like to watch Tom and Jerry because the cartoon does gives me a good laugh.

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