Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jotei Kaoruko女帝 薫子 – Release April 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Nishimura Saya (Kiritani Mirei) 桐谷美玲 becomes a Ginza hostess right after graduating high school. Her intention is to find her long lost mother who used to work in a nightclub call Kaoruko. Minamino Miki (Kurokawa Tomoka) 黒川智花 at the same time also decided to become a Ginza hostess right after graduating high school. Her intention is to find her long lost father. The only clue that both of them has is a mysterious lady name Kaoruko which has the same title with the nightclub. In order to achieve their goal, they need to become number one Ginza hostess so that they can make use of the resources. Thus both of them compete for the number one title of Ginza hostess.

Feelings and comments:
If you watched the previous series of Jotei 4 years ago, I’m sure you’ll be familiar with the type of story presented in this drama. Instead of having one, this drama has two starters who aim to achieve the number one title of Ginza hostess. As both of them have different personality and characteristics, viewers are able to see a comparison of dealing with things differently.
    Both of the main characters are new faces but I think that doesn’t matter because the main focus is the story. The story of the training and obstacles they need to face in order to become number one Ginza hostess is fascinating. It is interesting because you don’t get to learn that from school. Although the story is much like the ugly duckling which turns out to be a swan at the end, it begins with little swan instead of ugly duckling.

Things that caught my eyes:
Obviously beauty and fashion is the most eyes capturing point in this drama. But still the different style of game played by both girls draws my attention.

Japan Drama Rating:
Interesting to watch. This is another similar drama just like Jotei but with a different story. Again this is another story about how a girl survives the world of hostess and became success at the end. Well, in this drama there are two girls actually.

TV series, Original Soundtrack, Special
Drama Theme Song: Freedom by GIRL NEXT DOOR

Japan Drama Preview:
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himonogirl said...

hmmm...never watched it, but got interested after I heard about the korean adaptation.
I wonder if it really worth it though...

picturelearning said...

Havent watched it yet. But I guess it is going to be interesting since Im interested in fashion.