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正義の味方 Seigi no Mikata – Release July 08

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Nakata Yoko (Shida Mirai) 志田未来 has an elder sister name Nakata Makiko (Yamada Yu) 山田優. Her sister Nakata Makiko (Yamada Yu) 山田優 is a beautiful smart woman. In fact she might be a little too smart when it comes to her own benefits. Nakata Makiko (Yamada Yu) 山田優 is very good in argument and debate as her boss always ends up speechless when dealing with her. When it comes to getting what she wants, Nakata Makiko (Yamada Yu) 山田優 always make full use of her little sister Nakata Yoko (Shida Mirai) 志田未来. Although Nakata Yoko (Shida Mirai) 志田未来 don’t like it and always blog about how devil like her sister is, Nakata Yoko (Shida Mirai) 志田未来 still has to agree that her sister Nakata Makiko (Yamada Yu) 山田優 is always right about things. The most unbelievable scenario is that Nakata Makiko (Yamada Yu) 山田優’s action and decision even wins her the title of “Ally of Justice”.

Feelings and comments:
This is a fun and entertaining drama that focus on the interaction between couple of sister. I have to say, sometimes relationship between brothers or sisters can be a little unexpected. It might seems like they don’t like each other, but actually they are watching for each other. Most of the time brothers or sisters don’t show out their love directly. I suppose it’s just too embarrassing to say “I care about you” suddenly after all those years staying together. Those words can be difficult to spill out if the family is not use to saying it regularly.
    The interaction between Nakata Yoko (Shida Mirai) 志田未来 and Nakata Makiko (Yamada Yu) 山田優 is just fantastic. It’s actually very interesting and natural to watch all the jokes and fun created by this couple. It also reminds me of lots of old memories between me and my brother. My brother and I always fight with each other when we were young. The fight was too frequent until my grandmother pray for us to stop fighting. Well, that actually works as we stop fighting and become close as we grow up.
    By the way we can also witness some of the smart tricks that woman always pull off, especially for Nakata Makiko (Yamada Yu) 山田優.

Things that caught my eyes:
The western style imported chair which Nakata Makiko (Yamada Yu) 山田優 sits at home is just too obvious. It just doesn’t look right or suitable in a traditional Japanese home where they only sits on the floor.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. It’s a fun and entertaining drama which the big sister is always full with tricks and ideas on how to make full use of her little sister. The little sister might not like it but that’s just the way the big sister protects and teaches the little sister without showing her love directly.

TV series, Original Soundtrack, Seigi No Mikata

Drama Theme Song: Honto wa ne by Okumura Hatsune

Japan Drama Preview:

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