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曲げられない女 Magerarenai Onna – Release Jan 10

Kumo Japan Drama sneak!!

Japan Drama Story:
Ogiwara Saki (Kanno Miho) 菅野美穂 works in a law firm while trying to obtain her license to become a lawyer. Ogiwara Saki (Kanno Miho) 菅野美穂 is 32 years old and has been failing the examination bar for nine consecutive years. Ogiwara Saki (Kanno Miho) 菅野美穂 has a boy friend lawyer that works together in the same law firm. They did not get married because Ogiwara Saki (Kanno Miho) 菅野美穂 wanted to concentrate on getting her lawyer license first. Ogiwara Saki (Kanno Miho) 菅野美穂 does not mix well with others nor fits in to the society. That’s because she is a woman that does not go along with trends or environment but always pursuit her own will and thoughts. She does not twist or go around issues. Despite her strange mind set, she is still able to find couples of friends that can help her get though life.

Feelings and comments:
The big slap by Ogiwara Saki (Kanno Miho) 菅野美穂 at the beginning of first episode has convince me to finish the whole drama. I suppose that’s my first impression I get which acknowledge the acting ability of Kanno Miho (菅野美穂). The strange characteristic of Ogiwara Saki (Kanno Miho) 菅野美穂 draws my curiosity of knowing her decision and witness her next action.
    No doubt Ogiwara Saki (Kanno Miho) 菅野美穂 is a strange person. She seems to live by her own world with her own rules. If we take a look deeper in her condition, we all actually are facing the same problem as she did. There are two ways that we can live our life. Either we choose the path of life style we want and take control of situation around, or we can go along with the condition and accept the things presented in our life. Ogiwara Saki (Kanno Miho) 菅野美穂 is just an ordinary woman that refuse to give in to all the obstacles in life. It’s a typical example of consistency, endurance and never gives up until success is achieved. Plus the help of friends are needed to take on the challenge life has to offer.

Things that caught my eyes:
The Michael Jackson songs with Kanno Miho (菅野美穂) dancing are funny but I just couldn’t laugh out loud. In fact I’m impressed by the consistent accuracy of paper throwing, and of cause the secret of the shutter.

Japan Drama Rating:
Worth watching. The story might be simple but the acting performance of Kanno Miho (菅野美穂) is brilliant and entertaining.

Original Soundtrack, Uncompromised Woman / Magerarenai Onna Japanese Tv Drama Dvd with English Subtitle NTSC All Region

Drama Theme Song: Modorenai Ashita by aiko

Japan Drama Preview:

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